A new children's book by Jyoti and Raj Soren. Illustrations by Chandni Soren and Editing and layout by Suraj Soren .

We decided to name the main character in this story ‘Pengin’ as it means Penguin in the Japanese language. Pengin trains in a Japanese martial art, so we gave him a Japanese name.

If you are ever being bullied:

• Ask for help from family, a friend, or a teacher.

• Learn a martial art like Jiu Jitsu, Aikido, Taekwondo or Karate. It will help boost

your confidence.

• Say positive and powerful words to help you train your mind.

• Call your local child helpline.

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Confidence is such an important part of our lives that the lack of it can be crippling and it can have a devastating effect on how we perform at work or in business and our personal lives. Whether you are a manager or CEO of a company, a teacher, a doctor a solicitor, a mother, a father, a husband, a wife a teenager or a grandparent, low confidence and self-esteem can affect us no matter who we are.I have put together tried and tested methods to help you increase your confidence and self-esteem. The book is designed to help you in your journey to a greater self-confidence and a more fulfilling life

Coping with Stress & Adversity 

Inspirational Stories

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BBC radio Leeds interveiw about National stress awareness day. I am on at 1 hour 42 minutes during the show

Coping with Stress and Adversity: Inspirational Stories by Raj Soren life, and martial arts coach and author 

“The author presents an easy-to-understand overview of the stress response in the context of modern-day challenges and triggers”

“Raj Soren has achieved a book which is easy to read, and I am very confident that there are numerous examples here that will help any reader struggling to manage their own stress levels. This is a helpful guide for any member of society, young or old, to look to for sound advice and representation.”

Professor Andrew McDonnell, Studio 3 Clinical Services and Training Systems

The book offers genuine coping strategies gained from real-life stories around the world.

You can learn from others who, just like you, have faced stressful times in their lives.

This book gives you the chance to walk in someone else’s shoes and experience their unique journey and provides plenty of practical tips and advice to help you on your journey to a calmer and more relaxed way of living. The purpose of this book is to help you break free from anchors that may be holding you down by relating to the experiences of others who have done the same.

The author encourages you to venture out of your comfort zone, and to try ideas shared throughout the book from real life people around the world.


CHAPTER 1: Understanding Stress. 7

1.1: What is Stress?. 10

1.2: Types and Causes of Stress. 19

1.3: Performance and Stress. 25

1.4: Stress Triggers. 26

1.5: Stress Statistics. 30

CHAPTER 2: Work-Related Stress. 32

2.1: Work Stress. 32

2.2: Complaints at Work. 41

2.3: Work Stress and Burnout. 47

CHAPTER 3: Occupational Stress 66

3.1: Armed Forces. 67

3.2: Police Forces. 75

3.3: Child Protection Services. 81

3.4: Lawyers and Solicitors. 86

3.5: Farming. 91

3.6: Aviation. 94

3.7: Health Care. 98

CHAPTER 4: Business Stress 108

4.1: Managers. 114

4.2: Business Through Lockdown. 122

CHAPTER 5: University and School Stress. 145

5.1: Student Life. 145

5.2: Teaching and Lecturing. 163

CHAPTER 6: Performance Anxiety. 175

CHAPTER 7: Home Life. 184

7.1: Early Years to Adulthood. 184

7.2: Resolving Conflict. 194

7.3: Parenting. 198

CHAPTER 8: Relationships. 204

8.1: Break-Ups. 204

8.2: Divorce. 213

CHAPTER 9: Unexpected Life Changes. 227

9.1: Moving Home. 227

9.2: Redundancy and Furlough. 233

CHAPTER 10: Illness. 243

10.1: COVID-19 and Lockdown. 258

10.2: Grief. 269

CHAPTER 11: Managing Stress 282

11.1: Coping Strategies. 283

11.2: Procrastination. 290

11.3: Mindfulness. 298

11.4: Meditation. 303

11.5: Yoga. 305